Cannabis LED Grow Lights

Case Study

The Challenge:

Within the existing greenhouse space and compared with competitor’s metal halide fixture solution proposal.
• Increase the number of harvests per year
• Increase yield per harvest
• Decrease energy consumption per harvest
Greenhouse Data:
• Greenhouse length: 62.18m (204’)
• Greenhouse width: 10.67m (35’)
• Greenhouse height a center: 6.10m (20’)
• Height from floor to the greenhouse supporting frame (pictures sent) for
the competitor’s MH fixtures: 3.05m (10’)
• The whole greenhouse has two sets of 36 cannabis tables = 64 tables
• Table size is 4.58m (15’) X 1.52m (5’) X 0.05mt (2”) (check drawing)
• One table area is 54.86m (180’) x 4.58m (15’) 251.26m² (2,704.54 ft²)
• Two tables area is 502.52m² (5,409.08 ft²)
• Table height from floor: 0.76m (2.5’)
• The light fixtures have to be height adjustable in function of cannabis
seedlings and flower growth
• Cannabis harvest: between 576m² (6,200 ft²) and 595m² (6,400 ft²)
• Cannabis harvest Spring two- months 3hrs morning and 3hrs afternoon
• Cannabis harvest Fall two- months 3hrs morning and 3hrs afternoon


The competitor suggested two lines of lights with 20 fixtures each line,
1000Watts MH 240VAC 60 Hz. The competitor claims the MH spectrum for this application is better than
a HPS solution.
Total light load 40,000watts.
Two lines of tables 2 x 4.58m x 54.86m ≈ 500 m².
The competitor, using 40pcs MH lamps, gives an effective lighting area for each HM lamps of 12m².
The greenhouse has the function of supplementing light, so the requirements for LED Grow lights are not
particularly high. This is why the competitor only uses 40pcs MH lights to illuminate an area of 500m².
To improve the light uniformity, AMTEK would normally use more lamps but in this case 50 lights is deemed
to be OK.

AMTEK Product Data

The Grow Bar LED fixture has a neat and compact design.
Professional project solution vertical farming hydroponic system full circle vegetable flower stages
640W-1200W LED grow light.
• 2.8-3.0 μmol/J PPE
• Plug & Play advanced design, easily install and replace, save install time and cost
• Wireless connector, RJ14 Port + Knob dimmer
• Panel or APP control, 500pcs Group control
• 640W, 800W, 960W, 1200W
• Full Spectrum White Light + 660nm or 730nm Plant Red Light
• 5 years warranty, IP65
The most important data of LED Grow Light is PPE, and AMTEK PPE is very high at 2.8μmol/J +.

AMTEK LED Grow Light Proposal

For each line of the 204 ft. length greenhouse, we suggested 50pcs 640W LED Grow Light to replace
40pcs 1000W MH lamps, total consumption power is 32,000 Watts.
Suggested installation: 1.5-2.5m (4.92’) – 2.5m(8.20’) based on cannabis greenhouse height of 6.10m (20’)
1) Power consumption is 64% or 80% compared with MH fixture.
2) Life span is > 50,000 hours, 4~5 times longer than HM fixture.
3) Full spectrum, suitable for different stages of cannabis growth, improving harvest.
4) Up to 100 lamps can be connected by network cable (RJ14) and controlled by the AMTEK controller
or APP on smart phone.
5) Auto shutdown at temperature setting, more details in the manual.
6) Following the test value PPFD distribution with two different heights 1200mm and 1500mm


1.2MX1.2M/ 4FTX4FT
1.2MX1.2M/ 4FTX4FT
GL1 640W 2.8μmol/J
47.25''/1200mm Height
GL1 640W 2.8μmol/J
59.06''/1500mm Height

AMTEK LED Cannabis Grow Light Fixture Specification

• Two lines of tables 2 x 4.58m x 54.86m ≈ 500 m²
• The distance between each light bar is approx. 15-20cm (5.9-7.9”), and the LED grow light bars plus
middle supporter height is approx.. 30cm (11.8”)
• Total fixture Wattage (Driver+LED): 640
• The entire PCB and LEDs are covered by glue with 96% light transmittance improving
waterproofing and dustproong
• Voltage: 100-277VAC
• Driver: Inventronics
• Driver efficiency: 93.5%
• Frequency: 50/60Hz
• PF: at 100% load >0.95 for 120VAC; 0.90 for 277VAC
• Harmonic distortion: <20%
• LED power: 598.4 Watts
• LED: Osram and Samsung
• LED type: SMD3030
• LED angle: 120˚
• LED bars: 6
• Grow Light PPF: 1800µmol/s
• Grow Light Efficacy (PPE): 2.8µmol/J
• Output Wavelength: 660nm+730nm
• Dimming: 0-10V
• Ambient Operating Temperature: -20 to +35°C
• Mounting height: Above canopy ≥ 0.152m(5.98”)
• Net Dimensions: 1078mm(42.44”)*1190mm(43.19”)*
• Net weight: 9.45Kgs
• Lifespan: 50,000 hours
• Housing: Aluminum 6063
• Cable: 0.3m cable with plug
• Warranty: 5 years
• Certification: ETL

AMTEK Grow Lights are specially designed for high yield cannabis growing.

This particular system is not recommended for growing other types of plants but we can provide different spectrum solutions that are optimized for different requirements.

MH Advantages

 Cheaper than LED

MH Disadvantages

• Higher consumption of power
• Single spectrum
• 1,000 hours of service life, short lifespan
• Contains heavy metal mercury and rare halides
• The surface temperature is high and cannot be touched
• Need to cool down environment = >additional cost of energy
• Concentration of light source making illumination uneven = > low uniformity
• Short lamp lifespan 3-4 years

AMTEK LED Grow Lights Advantages

• Can customize the spectrum, fully supplementing Blue, Red, and IR
• Illuminance well distributed
• Lighting effect with high constant current driver, high conversion efficiency
• Energy saving/ energy conservation
• Environmental protection, low carbon
• High PPE, high PPF, better spectrum
• Good quality light makes the cannabis grow well and gives high yield
• Long life span, higher than 50,000 hours
• Low temperature, more friendly to cannabis
• Low maintenance cost
• Long warranty, 5 years